Sony is set to release a pair of updates to its Camera Remote Software Developer Kit (SDK). These updates add key features for companies integrating Sony’s cameras into their products, including support for some recently-announced camera models.

The Sony Camera Remote SDK includes hooks for controlling various camera functions, including changing camera settings, releasing the shutter, live view monitoring, as well as other settings like AF tracking sensitivity and focus information. The latest updates add new focusing features, such as remote focus position setting and relaying focal length information.

Photo: Richard Butler

Version 1.10 of the SDK was released yesterday and will add support for the Sony a7CR and Sony a7C II. Though not as stripped down as the Sony ILX-LR1, these compact full-frame cameras are lightweight, making them both ideal for use in drones or other applications where space and weight are at a premium.

Version 1.11 is scheduled for release in November and will add support for the industrial and drone-focused Sony ILX-LR1 remote camera.

For more information about Sony’s Camera Remote Software Development Kit, including download instructions, supported operating systems and supported devices cameras, please visit Sony’s Digital Imaging Solutions site.