Every nation thinks they lay claim to the best beach, but when viewed objectively, which stretches of sand and surf are worth travelling for?

Travel company Bounce conducted a study to find the top 10 beaches to visit on holiday globally, analysing 100 of the best around the world. Factors such as weather, sea temperature, hotel prices, number of restaurants and social media popularity were all taken into account in the final rankings.

Perhaps controversially, only one Aussie beach was considered in the top 100 list, with Bondi Beach sliding into a respectable 12th position — just shy of a global top 10. Bondi was tapped on account of its high density of nearby dining and drinking spots — as well as the 1.8 million snap shared on Instagram. In fact, USA beaches dominated the list, with four entries in the top 10 — a fact that may raise some eyebrows.

However, in the coveted top spot, Copacabana Beach in Brazil was named the ultimate spot to visit for a beachy escape. With one of the most recognisable shorelines, against a lush backdrop of green mountains and palm-fringed high rises, the beach has certainly earned its position as No.1 spot to lay your towel for a vacation. The destination also stands out on the list with a whopping 11,000 restaurants and bars within close proximity — we’ll cheers to that.

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