Surfing in Maui

Surfing in MauiMaui in Hawaii is famous for its gigantic and impressive waves which never fail to attract Surfing enthusiasts and even those who are not doing the sport. Thousands of people across the world flood the coastline of Hawaii to experience the waves under their Surfboards.

Surfing has long been started in Hawaii since the existence of king and queen – and the men and women of the Sandwich Isles long before the 15th century AD. Hawaiian people then were so passionate with Surfing that when they saw waves combing the beach, they would leave their work, pick their boards, and go Surfing. At that time, Surfing also served as training and a challenging pastime for leaders of the community. They surfed to keep themselves fit for the physical requirements of their position.

Today, though Surfing has evolved, the passion for the sport remains the same. It has become popular to people of all ages.

Maui’s long coastline offers big waves not only for Surfing veterans but also for beginners. If you are looking for a wild Surfing experience, try Maalaea. It is considered as Maui’s name spot where the fastest break waves in the state, if not the world, happen. However, this only takes place during summer. During the winter months, surf is generated out from the Northern Hemisphere. It is best to visit Ho’okipa, where the great waves take place in winter.

There is no need to worry if it is your first time to surf. There are many companies in Maui that offer lessons. Among the Maui Surfing schools are the Action Sports Maui, Big Kahuma Adventures, Hawaiian Ultimate Adventures, Island Scuba Surf, Island, Style Adventures, Maui Waveriders, and Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy. Aside from Surfing lessons, some of these companies offer kayak lessons. They could also lend Surfboards, but bringing your own is much better. Likewise, it is better to go to Maui during weekdays. There are a lot of people in the island during weekends.

It is advised to apply sunscreen lotion when you go Surfing. Also, always be very cautious. Maui’s waves are beautiful but they can also be very dangerous and can cause injuries. Surfers, particularly the beginners, must know or ask about the ocean conditions before surfing. Do not turn your back to the waves and do not get too close to the shoreline if you want to admire the beauty of the waves.

Surfing in Maui is an extremely wonderful experience. Just be cautious while having fun. After all, being safe is fun.

If you want to surf, go to Maui. It might be the perfect place for you.