Surfing Safety & Guidelines

Surfing Rules & Etiquette

Surfing Safety & Guidelines - Surfing Rules & EtiquetteSurfing allows you to experience the exhilaration of riding different kinds of waves and gives you that certain kind of freedom to explore the seas and be one with nature. Before you get carried away with the promises of this exciting water activity, keep in mind that Surfing does not give you the excuse to go ahead and ride the waves when you want to and do whatever you want to do.

There are certain rules to be followed for surfers to have a Safe Surfing experience, and to keep the beach a safe area for all water users.

    • The surfer who is riding the wave has the right of way.
    • Drop-in rule – The surfer who is nearest to the whitewater or breaking point of the wave has the right of way. You are dropping in if you take off and someone else is already riding the wave. This can cause a collision which can hurt you and the surfer riding the wave. Do not go for a wave if another surfer is riding it.
    • Snaking – If you and another surfer are both paddling for take-off and you deliberately paddle in front or around him or her to get closer to the wave, this is considered snaking. The other surfer has the right of way. Do not steal another surfer’s wave. Respect the surfer who has priority.
  • Paddling out – Do not go paddling in front of another surfer who is riding a wave. Paddle on the whitewater side so you do not interfere with the ride of the other.

Be a responsible surfer, and be considerate of other water users as well as of the environment. Regulations on the beach are there for good reasons so it is wise to adhere to them. Besides, these help make Surf Spots a lot more organized and suitable for people engaged in different water activities.