Surfing Safety & Guidelines

Safety Tips

Surfing Safety & Guidelines - Safety TipsIt does not take a rocket scientist to tell that Surfing can be a dangerous activity. Surfers ride waves of different kinds and sizes, and risks will always be there if precautions are not met. Safety is of primary importance in this kind of activity. Here are some guidelines and common-sense tips on how to have a Safe Surfing adventure:

    • Surf within your abilities. If you are a beginner, let the experienced surfers ride the gigantic waves. You will have your chance as you gain more knowledge and experience.
    • Make sure you can swim well. Treading sea water can be very tiring, even dangerous. You also have to think about your ability of swimming in long distances, in case you find yourself away from the beach.
    • Observe the rules and regulations in patrolled beaches.
    • Weather is an unpredictable phenomenon, but it still pays to get an idea on what to expect on the day you decide to ride the waves. Check the weather forecast before heading out.
    • Never surf alone.
    • Do not surf in areas that you know nothing about. Do your homework. Ask the local surfers or life guards about the features and dangers of the area before heading out.
    • Do some warm up exercises before tackling the waves.
    • Be aware of other surfers and water users, especially in crowded beaches.
    • Do not litter. Think about the impacts that you can create if you do not respect the environment.
  • Be cautious about sea animals. Sharks are some of those marine animals most feared by people, though this should not be the case.
    Make sure to know the areas which are known to have a great number of sharks. These animals are active during daybreak and sundown, so do not surf at these times if you are in an area where sharks thrive. Also, do not ride the waves if you have bleeding wounds.

There is more to Surfing than just riding the waves and having the time of your life. There are several things to bear in mind to maintain order in Surf Spots and beaches. Be responsible enough to think about your safety and that of other surfers and water users. Make sure to do your part. Surf safely and have fun!