The 24×24 Photo Marathon will take place on May 24th. Around. The. World.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen who organized the Vancouver Photo Marathon in the past, is uppin’ the ante a bit this year.

He wants to have photographers – enthusiasts and professionals and everyone in between – involved with the 24×24 Photo Marathon this year given that a lot of us are at home socially-distancing and staying safe due to the pandemic.

It’s a 100% free event. It has no sponsors. No big push towards one agenda or another. Even the marketing is pretty slim, save for Facebook posts (where I first heard about this through my friend William Bay).

And no, this isn’t some devious plot to grab your photographs and exploit your creativity. Rest assured, you will be sharing your photographs using the hashtag – #24x24photomarathon – when you post your images to your own social media platforms – Instagram or Twitter. This gives everyone who participates an opportunity to easily view all the photographs.

By signing up to take part, you are simply signing up to take part (nothing else). You will not be asked to relinquish any rights or privileges to your images.

I just spoke with Morten Rand-Hendriksen today about the 24×24 Photo Marathon. Play the podcast episode below to learn more about the way this event started and what Morten hopes it will end up being for all who participate.

I am told that themes will be posted on the hour every hour on the website, Twitter, and Instagram. So be sure to follow the event on those platforms right away so you don’t miss any directions or announcements!

Still looking for more info? Click here. And, check out photographs from the Vancouver Photo Marathons here?

The event will challenge you into discovering a little bit more about yourself. I think that’s the whole point of this exercise. A little introspection is a good thing.

Now that you know what you know about the upcoming 24×24 Photo Marathon, will you be participating? Remember, it takes place on Sunday, May 24th and runs a full 24 hours, around the world!

I look forward to seeing your work online!

Seshu | Editor & Publisher

Seshu | Editor & Publisher

Seshu | Editor & Publisher

Seshu | Editor & Publisher

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