Do you dream of having a wedding that’s unforgettable? Since today’s bride is all about wowing her guests, Bridal Fantasy came up with a few ideas that will ensure your wedding makes a lasting impression.

  1. Guest Transportation: Consider shuttling your guests from your ceremony to the reception; not only is this more convenient and safer, but it will also give your guests a chance to socialize with one another.
  2. Invest in a Photo Booth or Backdrop: It’s a great way to entertain guests at your reception and you’ll be guaranteed to have unique and funny photo keepsakes.
  3. Child Care: Hire a couple of babysitters (depending on the number of kids you are expecting). Set up a kid’s room with games, colouring books, a T V and DVD player for movies, etc. Their parents will then have a chance to mingle with the other guests without having to worry about their kids.
  4. Live Entertainment: Hire professionals to put on a show for your guests: From musicians and comedians to balloon artists and face painters, anything goes, but make sure what you choose relates to your wedding theme.
  5. Wedding Dress Change: Wearing more than one dress at your wedding is a big trend. A good time to change is between your ceremony and reception. Consider wearing the fancier gown for your ceremony and a more comfortable or perhaps fashion-forward dress for the reception.
  6. “Rock Your Reception” Dance: Surprise your guests with a choreographed dance that turns heads. Do this for your first dance, with your proud parents or your entire wedding party. Also, a great idea is to share it on YouTube.

More WOW ideas include having a candy or dessert bar that match your wedding colour(s)/theme, sponsoring a charity or edible centerpieces.

Whatever twists your plan, make sure they reflect you and your fiancé’s personality!

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