Being able to maneuver through the tides is a skill that comes over time. Above being able to bear the freezing temperatures, surfing requires the finesse just to balance on the board — then comes the challenge of being able to soar through the tides.

For new surfers the learning curve can be painful, MacLaine said.

“It’s a lot of work. The ocean is very challenging, waves have a lot of energy. It can be very exhausting,” he said. “You might get discouraged easily because you might not see a lot of progress really quickly. We like to offset that with the positive vibes side of things.”

Beer said winter surfing is different from other board sports, like snowboarding, so while it’s not an easy sport to pick up and play, the long journey of improving, run after run, is part of the fun.

“In snowboarding the hill isn’t moving, it’s how you manipulate your board. With surfing, the wave is different, it’s different every time. You have to learn to read all the conditions, what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. It’s the challenge, and the challenge is the fun,” Beer said.

“When you do actually catch a wave? It’s amazing.”

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