In the ever-evolving world of content creation, RØDE introduces the Streamer X. This innovative solution combines a video capture card, audio interface, and control surface into one compact, user-friendly device. Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, or content creator, Streamer X offers a seamless and powerful tool to enhance your production workflow.

At the heart of the Streamer X is its ability to deliver exceptional audio quality. With studio-grade audio inputs for XLR microphones and instruments that the company are renowned for, including compatibility with RØDE wireless microphones, you can capture pristine sound for your recordings. The device features the ultra-low-noise and high-gain Revolution Preamp and powerful APHEX audio processing, ensuring outstanding audio performance.

When it comes to video quality, the Streamer X doesn’t disappoint. With HDMI connections supporting up to 4K30 / 2K60 streaming and 2K120 / 4K60 pass-through, you can enjoy stunning visuals in various applications, from live streaming and gaming to podcasting and business presentations. The device offers versatility and flexibility to suit your specific needs.

The Streamer X also boasts dual USB-C connections, allowing seamless integration with dual PC setups. This feature is especially useful for streamers or content creators who require multiple devices for their production workflow. Additionally, the device features four fully customizable SMART pads, enabling on-the-fly triggering of sound effects, voice FX, and other actions on your computer, providing you with complete control over your content.

Compatibility is a key highlight of the Streamer X. It works seamlessly with RØDE’s software suite, including UNIFY, RØDE Central, and RØDE Connect, expanding its functionality and providing unmatched flexibility. You can further enhance your workflow and unlock the device’s full potential with these software offerings.

With precision manufacturing in Sydney, Australia, RØDE’s commitment to quality shines through the Streamer X. Its compact design, powerful features, and integration capabilities make it a game-changer for photographers, videographers, and content creators alike.

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