The grand adventure of Timothy Allison’s life began on January 10, 1993 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Always an over-achiever, he insisted on starting homeschool with his older siblings when he was almost two years old and graduated from high-school at 16. After a month-long mission trip to Taiwan, with other mission trips scattered throughout, Timothy tested out of his college classes in less than two years and received his Bachelors in Business Administration from Thomas Edison University in 2012.
Timothy then spent a year in Taiwan teaching English in their public schools. Timothy’s other travels included mission trips to Singapore, the Philippines, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Brazil, Amazon River, Mexico, Costa Rico, Hong Kong, Alaska, and many stateside mission trips. Along the way, he became at least conversational in Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. His interests through the years encompassed football, photography, piano, guitar, tennis, antique car restoration, deer and antelope hunting, motorcycle riding, mountain climbing, sky diving, kayaking, and kite surfing, to name a few, all of which he commenced with the intent to become a professional.
Timothy paid cash for his first fixer-upper house at age 19, took a 1,367 mile bike trip with a friend to raise awareness for human trafficking, drilled water wells for villagers in the Amazon jungle, built houses in Alaska for flood victims, and restored homes in an Indian Reservation. He also contributed large sums to numerous ministries and non-profits, focusing on trafficked and at-risk children.
A jack of all trades, Timothy’s enterprises included home construction, home inspection, and cell tower construction, along with car, plane, and house flipping. In addition, he was EMR, Scuba, and A1 computer certified. After only 2 weeks of job-shadowing his Uncle Curt, he began repairing appliances as a teenager, which led to starting his own company, RSG Appliance Repair. God and RSG sustained him throughout flight training and the many levels of certification thereafter, until he was finally positioned in his dream life of Allison Aviation. Timothy’s blessed life included flight instructor (boasting hundreds of students), charter pilot and skydiver driver, with some undercover manhunts thrown in for fun.
At a young age, Timothy made a decision to follow Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was baptized at Keefeton Freewill Baptist Church. He memorized large passages of scripture, and even as a preschooler, could recite entire Bible chapters with his siblings. Years of meditating on Scripture contributed to his amazing success in life. But rather than keeping that success to himself, he used his magnetic personality and generous spirit to invest in the lives of countless others, young and old, and motivate them to live their dreams, as well. Timothy had an anointing of the Holy Spirit on his life and believed he was indestructible until his purpose was finished. He lived in confidence and assurance that God had his back, so there was nothing to fear.
Timothy Allison’s spirit took flight to his Heavenly home while doing what he loved on April 23, 2021 at the age of 28. His plane lost radar contact over a wooded area of Yell County, Arkansas. Like Enoch, he “walked with God, and was not.”
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Published on May 27, 2021

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