I get asked this question a lot… What did I put in my emergency bag for my own wedding. Well I packed one and had it ready to go but luckily didn’t need it! BUT I had peace that I was covered in the event of!

This is a job you definitely want to be outsourcing. Between packing it and minding it…. seriously, get it off your list.

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Here are my Top 20 Wedding Emergency Bag Essentials

Makeup essentials: Bring along the basics for touch-ups, such as lipstick, mascara, and powder. Blotting paper is good to help control shine. I needed eye shadow to top up under my eye! If you have false lashes, you’ll be needing your glue!

Hair pins/Bobbins/hairspray: These are essentials for quick hair fixes or readjustments. If you are changing up your hair later you could throw in a GHD or wand.

Mini sewing kit: This is handy for quick fixes, like a torn seam or a loose button.

Safety pins: These can be used in various emergencies from a wardrobe malfunction to a broken zip.

Tweezers / Scissors: Just in case there’s one straggler!


Plasters: For cuts, blisters, or any shoe-induced injuries. Always aim to break in your shoes before the big day. Your local pharmacy will have good cushioned plasters to insert before the big day.

Medicine: Pain killers, insect repellent, anti histamine…whatever you need! Hand Sanitiser too! Also – sun cream….you may be out all day so make sure to have a top ready. If you wear contact lenses, have a spare or your glasses.

Tissues: For wiping away happy tears.

Deodorant: Miniature or travel-sized versions are great for a quick freshen up. Boots are great for it!

Mints or Chewing Gum: You’ll be talking to a lot of people and these can help you maintain fresh breath.

Snacks/Nuts and water: You might not have time to eat and it’s important to stay hydrated and keep your energy up.

Stain remover pen or wipes: This can help with small stains on the dress or other clothing. This was crucial after Eoin’s suit shoulder was full of make up! Dr Beckman do the pens!

Phone charger: You mind that you don’t look at your phone all day but just in case!

Earring backs: In case one gets lost.

Nail file and clear polish: Most may have shellac or gel but just in case always be ready for a chip!

Tampons/pads: Just in case.

Comfortable shoes/flats/flip flops: You’ll be on your feet a lot, so having a comfortable option can be a relief.

Boob tape: Crucial if you are doing any plunging neckline. You don’t want to be having a repeat of Janet Jackson at the super bowl. I find this one good and only €9! Booby Tape from Pretty Little Things

Shoe polish: If there is a groom and you’ve been out in fields/sand getting your photos taken, he may want to top up.

Instant tan…. Yes I know you are wearing white / ivory but if you have a patch on your hand or anywhere on show, this is good to have inn your bag. I love the Vita Liberata, Bellamianta and Bare By Vogue instants.

Also! If you are getting pictures of your engagement ring close up, this dazzle stick from Fields The Jeweller is the business. It will have it super shiny in a second.

I also found this download for only €1.55!

downloadable wedding emergency kit

downloadable wedding emergency kit

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