Maximizing Your Wedding Business:

Since we launched Weddings Abroad Directory, we have picked up many tips to help increase the SEO and online presence of our listed suppliers. Take a look at the following suggestions to enhance your listing:

Utilise the space

Our directory offers a full page to your business, so use it! We advise writing more than 300 words. Why is that? Well, a higher word count helps Google to better understand what your text is about. Generally speaking, Google tends to rank longer articles higher.

Be certain to include all relevant information in the text including the full range of services you offer and locations covered. Do not just rely on the categories/destinations chosen as if someone searches for your service but your location is not clearly mentioned in the text they may look elsewhere


We offer ten images per listing – up to 1MB per image! That’s more than most wedding directories. Make sure you add as many as you are allowed. Photos help prospective clients connect with your business and help you build credibility, showcase your offerings, personality, and set the stage for why someone should choose your company for one of the most important events in their lives. Use images of the venues, the weddings themselves and behind the scenes shots – it all builds a picture for future clients.

Please ensure your logo image is square as sharing on social media isn’t always possible with oblong images. Again make sure at least one of your ten images fits the standard criteria for all social media channels – we like to showcase several images from your listing!


Add ALL of your link options – such as facebook, instagram, X, email etc! Depending on your directory package maximise the link options we offer and use them all. Double check you are using correct links and enter the full URL. Also if you aren’t on LinkedIn consider signing up

Consider adding ‘backlinks’ to your listing. This is valuable because these ‘backlinks’ in a huge directory provide you with credibility in the eyes of the Google bots.This should hopefully get your actual website listed higher on the Google search results as opposed to just your listing. In a nutshell from your own website add a link to your directory listing – if you want an image to support that, we’ve plenty available just ask!


Maximizing Your Wedding Business:

Follow Us

Make sure you follow us to check out our directory listing mentions – find your post, tag and share! Tag us in your Instagram posts too and we’ll reshare!

Facebook Page:

Be sure to follow all our Facebook groups:

Do your weekly post using your Directory Listing URL. Target each post depending on the group and its members. For instance the Wedding Professionals Group would be more about targeting other vendors to work with rather than brides etc – Your “Directory Listing URL” is the unique web address assigned to your specific listing in our directory. This is the only link you’re permitted to use when posting in our Facebook groups. Once your listing goes live, we’ll provide you with this URL for your convenience. Alternatively, you can find it yourself by navigating to your listing and looking at the address bar at the top of your browser. If you’re confused or have any questions about locating your Directory Listing URL, don’t hesitate to ask us for clarification.

Any directory member replying to a potential client post may add *Preferred Partner* or *Weddings Abroad Directory Member* – this also helps admin moderate the groups and comments. Most importantly those with Package Three be sure to include your directory listing URL in ALL replies to brides/grooms etc for enhanced exposure

Quick Quotes & Hassle-Free Options for Couples

Ready for more exclusive benefits? As a Premium Member, you’ll now receive generic bride/groom quote requests sent directly to our Members-Only Facebook group. This feature is a win-win—especially for couples unsure of where to start or who prefer receiving multiple quotes without reaching out to each vendor individually. Follow the group’s instructions to capitalise on this unique opportunity. If you haven’t yet joined our exclusive Facebook group, now’s the time. Get invaluable business promotion tips and updates to maximise your listing. Join us today at Wedding Abroad Members-Only Group to ensure you’re taking full advantage of your Premium Membership.

Review & Refresh

Keep your content fresh! Ensure you regularly check and review your listing, add special offers, update images, add new services etc – currently at present you need to add a new listing to update your content, whilst we work on a system glitch – but it’s simple, we’ll approve it and delete the old one

As a valued Premium Member, we want to ensure that you are getting the maximum exposure for your business. In addition we also run a dedicated social media campaign exclusively for your listing. This involves promoting your business across all of our social media platforms on an ongoing basis. It’s worth noting that we don’t tag you in these posts, so be sure to keep an eye out for them and feel free to share them to amplify their reach. This service is a complimentary bonus benefit just for our Premium Members. To ensure that we’re promoting the most current information, our marketing team relies on the details in your directory listing. So, it’s crucial to keep your listing updated. Please note that these promotional posts are scheduled a month or two in advance, so timely updates are essential.


Maximizing Your Wedding Business:


Exclusive Offer for Premium Members Working with Wedding Venues

If you’re a Premium Member who is a wedding planner or vendor collaborating exclusively with a standout wedding venue that you believe our brides and grooms absolutely need to discover, we have an extraordinary bonus just for you! We’re excited to provide you with an additional listing in our specialised “Locations” section and will forward all related inquiries directly to you. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to elevate your venue’s visibility. Due to overwhelming current demand, we’re actively seeking to expand our range of venues and locations. So if you have a venue you’d like to feature, email us your details, images, and any other relevant information as soon as possible.

Submit a blog is the ultimate and original destination wedding source for those who wish to get married abroad, renew their vows or simply indulge in romantic travel. Due to increasing demand, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality content for our followers.

Our aim is to cover as many destinations as possible and you can help us achieve that goal. All you need to do is to write about a romantic destination of your choice…ideally one which would be perfect for our couples seeking a romantic retreat or wedding/honeymoon of their dreams.

We would be more than happy to present you as a travel blogger on our site. You will be able to include one back link in the body of your post linking back to your website. You will also be able to add an additional link at the end of the post in an “about us” section.

For inspiration, take a look at some of our recent guest blogs:

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Blog submission criteria & submit your blog post here:

Share, Share and did we say Share!

It’s all about getting YOUR business out there and your target audience choosing you! Share any listing you have, not just once, but on a regular basis. We share for you, but to get ‘out there’ more, it’s important that you also share your listing. Tag us in any posts, whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin, which will mean we can share even further.

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Ready for a fantastic opportunity? We’re thrilled to offer you a chance to be part of something big. Become an affiliate with us, and not only can you earn back your fees, but you can also spread the love to your wedding colleagues, venues, and service providers. With every referral you make, enjoy a commission that’ll make your day even better. Plus, we’re on the lookout for uncharted territories and categories—let’s make our directory even more amazing, together! If you’re intrigued, contact us today. Here’s to growing our community and making wedding dreams come true!

Maximising Value: Why We’re More Than Just a Wedding Directory

If you’ve made it through the entire post, we certainly hope that the tips inside have been helpful for you. While there are a whole range of possible marketing methods, you don’t have to use them all—our aim is to support you in any way we can. We firmly believe that we offer more value for your money than any other wedding directory in the world. Given all the additional features and benefits we provide beyond “just a directory listing,” we’re confident you’ll agree. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at


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