Have you ever wondered what your precious kitty does when they go wandering around the backyard and the neighborhood? Mike Prospero of Tom’s Guide attached an Insta360 camera to his cat’s collar in an attempt to see what the little fella is up to, and see it from the cat’s eyes. The video is quickly going viral, touching the hearts of all of us who love cats… And giving us ideas, too.

Mike originally posted the video to Tom’s Guide Instagram, from where it took off, finding its way to several blogs and social media pages. It reminded me of Gonzo, another cat whose adventures we can see from a first-person (or first-cat) view on a dedicated Instagram page.

Gonzo’s owner used various cameras over time to capture his pet’s adventures. For his increasingly popular video, Mike used the Insta360 Go2. Both of them strapped the cameras to their cat’s collars, letting them be the little directors and actors of the videos that won our hearts.

[via Laughing Squid]

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