You don’t have to go back far here on the website to see me working with the Wacom Cintiq. I have been a Wacom fan and user for a very long time but I have never been as excited about a Wacom product as I am about the Wacom One 12″ (2023 model)! Why? The Wacom permits you to work directly on your image using their pen for input. You’ve probably seen those amazing ads Wacom creates featuring the marvelous graphic artists using Wacom to draw. I can’t draw but I sure can use that pen to carefully select an area, clone out another or lasso a section for Generative Fill, and so much more! One aspect of the Wacom One 12″ I truly love is it connects to the MacBook Pro with just one USB-c cable! That’s it, one cable powers and provides all the input the Wacom One requires. The 12″ is not hand sensitive so I can rest my big mit on the screen and not influence the pen action. It weighs nothing so it’s totally portable. I love every aspect of the Wacom One and so welcome the “mini cintiq” back in my workflow. It will so speed things up and make image finishing much faster and so much fun!

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