Five years in the making, ‘The Color of Winter’ follows Rob Machado and friends’ typical winter grind through San Diego, from Seaside Reef to Black’s, once the zone it gets those cherished north swells between November and April. “In the beginning, this started out as me wanting to learn about film [after] focusing on still imagery [for so long], which today is transitioning into moving imagery with video and film,” explains longtime California surf photographer Pat Stacy, who filmed the project. “The intent was to show that just throwing your surfboard in your car and going surfing at your local break is a blessing. I wanted to show that if that’s a part of your life, you’re very fortunate.”

“We constantly see imagery of pumping Hawaii and perfect Mentawais,” he continues, “and it’s easy to overlook surfing at home, because as magical as those days can be in far-off lands at popular surfing destinations, your surfing experience at home is a treasure.”

“Cold, crisp, offshore,” Machado explains of the conditions sought out for this film. “Pat and I thought it was important to only shoot during the first hour of light or the last hour of light. The most impressive thing about Pat is his ability to be in the exact right place for every wave while swimming around in all this moving water with a really heavy RED camera. Pat’s ability to nail shots is incredible.”

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