Best Wedding Registry programs

Many businesses offer wedding registry programs that come with special perks simply for registering with them. These perks can include everything from discounts on the items you listed on your registry to free products. One of the most important decisions you’ll make when building your wedding registry is deciding which program is best for you. Here is a list of a few weddings registry programs for you to consider and the perks that each of them has.

Amazon Bridal Registry

When you make your bridal registry with Amazon you can get free gifts from certain brands like Calpahlon, Le Creuset, and Cuisinart. These gifts can include everything from free mixing bowls to even a high-end knife set. Additionally, after your big day, Amazon will send you a coupon for 10% off anything left on your registry to help you finish it out. You don’t even need an Amazon prime account to make your wedding registry. Another fantastic part of registering with Amazon for your bridal registry is that you can also return just about anything from your registry in the 180 days after your wedding.

Bed, Bath and Beyond Bridal Registry

Bed, Bath and Beyond has partnered with certain brands that are also popular for wedding registries to make registering with them a pretty sweet deal. This means even more perks for you, the bride and groom. Here’s how it works. You make a registry with Bed, Bath and Beyond just like you would any other business. When your guests purchase certain items on your list of potential gifts you receive credit for a free item. Then, you send in a redemption form for your free gift from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Many of the products sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond also come with a lifetime warranty, meaning you can always return them for a full refund if they stop working.

Bloomingdale’s Bridal Registry

Bloomingdale’s has an impressive list of benefits for couples who make their wedding registry with them. Firstly, you’ll be able to get 20% off dresses, intimates, suits, and a few other products before your wedding day. And these discounts don’t stop after your big day. You’ll also get 20% off on everything on your registry for six months after the wedding. This will make it easy to purchase anything on the registry that wasn’t gifted to you. Finally, you’ll receive free bonus gifts from some of the 22 brands that have partnered with Bloomingdale’s simply for registering. These brands include Kate Spade New York, Le Creuset, and Vitamix. is a universal wedding gift registry, meaning it allows you to make a registry that contains items from multiple different stores. It is an online gift registry that connects you and your guest with stores nationwide. This way you don’t have to register with several stores and ask your loved ones to shop all over the place. They can all go to one website to see what you’ve asked for, purchase one or two of those items and update the registry for other people to see. This will simplify the process of purchasing your gifts easier and keep your registry up to date with digital payment trends. Some of the brands available on this site don’t have registry programs of their own, making it an ideal place for the more unique items you’ve asked for. Here is a quick list of some of the retailers it can connect you with.

● Best Buy

● Boscov’s

● JC Penney

● Kohls

● Nordstrom

The freebies and perks that offers are updated fairly regularly, so be sure to check what they’re offering around your wedding date.

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Perks of a Wedding Registry

There are a few different perks to using a wedding registry. Firstly, it keeps the list organized and updated for all of your guests to see. A wedding registry makes it easy for guests to see what has already been purchased from your list of gifts so that they don’t purchase a duplicate gift. If you were to just send a list of gift options out to all of your loved ones you may end up receiving a few of the same gift, which might be a bit embarrassing for your guests. It also makes it easy for your guests to see exactly what item you want and all of the details about it. Instead of simply asking for a new set of pots and pans, you can list the exact set you want in the color you want. This will almost guarantee that you are satisfied with the gifts you receive.

A wedding registry also typically comes with some form of discount or coupons for a certain time frame around your wedding. This can save you money if you decide to purchase any items from your wedding registry that your guests didn’t have the opportunity to buy. Some wedding registries also reward you with free items if a certain number of items from your registry have been purchased, and free stuff is always appreciated.

Tips to Make it Convenient for Your Guests

Make the List Easily Accessible

When making your wedding registry it is important that it is easily accessible by all of your guests. Though it is taboo to include your bridal registry on your wedding invites, there are more modern alternatives. Consider starting a private story on your Instagram that is exclusively for people who have been invited to your wedding and add the wedding registry there. This will make it easy for everyone who has been invited to find and give you an opportunity to post photos of everyone having a good time.

Add Gifts for Every Budget

Your loved ones may want to buy you the world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can. Some of your guests may be going through a time when money is tight, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to get you a gift still. Be sure to add gifts to your registry that are fairly affordable so that everyone who wants to purchase you a gift is able to.

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