John Wayne, originally named Marion Robert Morrison and nicknamed The Duke, was a film icon in western films, making him Hollywood’s heartthrob during his time. The late actor had three wives, so with all the fame and recognition, we can’t help but wonder, what were John Wayne’s children’s lives like growing up, and where are they now? 

The producer, actor, and director started working for Fox Film Corporation after losing a football scholarship at the University of Southern California due to a body surfing accident. From there, he got small roles, eventually starring in The Bog Trail by Raoul Walsh, but the film didn’t sell so well. 

He was casted for leading roles in the 1930s, but it was Stagecoach by John Ford that turned him into a mainstream star. From then on, his career took off. But it seems he took being a heartthrob too close to heart as he allegedly had numerous affairs.