Will Rogers Surf Report

Will Rogers Surf Report

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Will Rogers State Beach is a beach park on the Santa Monica Bay, at the Pacific coast of Southern California. Located in Pacific Palisades, the beach is owned by the California Department of Parks and Recreation; however, it is managed and maintained by the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors. A section just south of the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Entrada Drive (34.026053°N 118.518824°W) is popular within the LGBT community and is therefore considered Los Angeles’ unofficial gay beach; this section is often referred to as Ginger Rogers Beach.

This beach was named after Will Rogers, actor, philosopher, and cowboy. In the early 1930’s, Will Rogers was the most popular and highest paid actor in Hollywood. Despite the country’s economic hardships of the Great Depression, in 1930 Will Rogers was earning $300,000 a picture. He was also a radio star and his syndicated column was carried in more newspapers than that of any other writer. Will Rogers was killed in a plane crash in 1935. Ten thousand mourners filled the Hollywood Bowl to honor him, including virtually every movie star and studio executive in Hollywood. At the time of his death, he was still the number one star of 20th Century Fox Studios.

During the 1920’s Will Rogers bought land in Santa Monica, where he developed a ranch. Eventually he owned more than 300 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in what is now known as Pacific Palisades. The ranch became the place where Rogers could relax with friends and family. The Rogers’ ranch consisted of a 31-room ranch house, a stable, corrals, riding ring, roping arena, polo field, golf course, and hiking trails. Will Rogers State Historic Park was created in 1944 when his widow, Betty, donated the family ranch house, stables, and land in Santa Monica to the State of California. Will Rogers State Beach was also donated by Betty from family-owned land. Will Rogers State Beach has been operated by the County of Los Angeles since 1975.

The beach has had numerous television shows and movies filmed on its shores, including the hit television show “Baywatch.”