Surfing in Panama

Surfing in PanamaAre you looking for a place that would give you an extreme adventure with the big waves? Do you wish to see professional surfers as they ride the waves? Are you looking for the perfect place for your first Surfing experience? Well, try Surfing in Panama.

Panama lies between Colombia and Costa Rica. It forms a natural isthmian bridge – 80 kilometers in its narrowest part – that connects the Atlantic Ocean in the north and the Pacific Ocean in the south.

Unlike other countries in North America, Panama is a tropical place. It is situated south of the hurricane track, which makes it free from tropical storms. Also, Panama has a long coastline, measuring 1000 miles on the Pacific side and 800 miles on the Caribbean side. These features make Panama a perfect place for Surfing. The enormous waves of the Panamanian Pacific are very ideal for the national and international competitions which are held annually.

Panama offers suitable beaches for Surfing depending on your category. On the Pacific, you will find the beaches of Lajas, Coiba and Cebaco Islands, Punta Brava, Cambutal, Raya, Guanico, Desfiladero, Madroño, Rio Mar, El Palmar, Teta, Serena, Malibú and Jaqué. On the Caribbean side, check out Playa Palenque, Isla Grande and Maria Chiquita in Colon Province. Regional Surfing Competitions are held in some of these areas.

Panama is also ideal for other sports like Rafting and Scuba Diving. In addition to water activities, you can go bird watching and visit a native village that would surely make your trip an unforgettable one.

Whether you are a Surfing enthusiast or not, you should consider visiting Panama. With its excellent beaches and great waves, you will truly enjoy your trip.