Custom Surfboards

Custom SurfboardsMost of the top surfers in the world are using Custom Surfboards. Kelly Slater, eight-time world champion, Andy Ions, who has three world titles, and Mick Fanning, also a world champion, are just few of the many professional surfers who use custom-made Surfboards when competing.

Many of the aspiring pros or amateurs are following the trend of pros by using Custom Surfboards. Aside from the chance of choosing and making your own design, Custom Surfboards could help improve your Surfing skills and would definitely help you get the most out of your Surfing experience.. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your Surfboard really suits you.

If you want a Custom Surfboard, you have to decide first what Surfboard you want to use, whether short board or long board. Try to look for the models available in shops or check the Custom Surfboards used by the professionals.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying a Surfboard is the shop or the one who will make it. Try to explore other shops that make custom-made boards. You may also want to ask other surfers about the advantages of using a Custom Surfboard or if using one will suit you. They can surely provide the information that you need.

After visualizing your desired Surfboard, you need to inform the manufacturer about what you want in a board. The important thing is to make sure he/she understands what you have in mind.

There is really no best Surfboard. It really depends on which is suitable for you. You and your Surfboard must compliment each other to bring out the best of what Surfing can offer.